Wallpapering is a great way to transform a room from dull to beautiful and Esmoené has 3 teams consisting of 3 people with 15 years experience in wallpaper hanging, who work according to strict guidelines

The following are routinely done by Esmoené before and during wallpaper hanging:

  • The scope of work, quality checks, warranty and payment terms are put in place before the work commenceswallpaper
  • Material choices for wallpaper hanging are discussed with the client before work begins
  • Verification that type, grade, finish, size and colour of wallpaper and adhesive are correct
  • Preparation of the area for safe and efficient work and items that restrict work access or are vulnerable to damage are moved. Items that cannot be moved are covered
  • Remove fixtures and fittings that will be reinstalled later
  • Fill any holes, cracks or gaps with patching material
  • Clean and remove dust from the surface to be finished
  • Apply a smooth, even layer of adhesive
  • Apply two smooth, even coats of paper to all exposed surfaces, with light sanding and dust removal before each coat
  • Reinstall fixtures, fitting that were removed earlier
  • Inspection of wallpaper and verify that all quality requirements are met

Professional Wallpaper Finish by Esmoené

  • The layout, style and appearance of wallpaper used by Esmoené are approved by the client
  • All wallpaper should be from the same manufacturing batch
  • All the wallpaper seams are edge glued as per manufacturer approved methods and the finished seam should be straight, flat and free of adhesive residue
  • The wallpaper finish is free of drips, runs, brush marks, roller marks and dust and no residue is to be left on adjacent surfaces
  • The wallpaper finish must have a uniform colour and appearance in all lighting conditions